Case1 of love affair using date app

I had to go to my parents’ house for some business, so Sato came to Nara. I arrived around 11:00 a.m. and had an hour of karaoke, which was too much fun! Sato told me that he should have gone to Nara with me, which made me realize that it was okay to ask him to do such a thing, and that I still had some reservations about him.

I was surprised to see a new macaron shop opened before I knew it! It had become a fashionable town.

I went to pick up Sato at JR Nara station. I wanted to give him a hug this time when I see him but I couldn’t… I’m too chicken and I hate myself.

He said Nara was too the countryside. We went to “Kanakana” first, but it was so crowded. The noodle shop was also crowded. All the old house cafes in Naramachi were crowded. When did Naramachi become so popular?

After walking around in the heat, we ended up at omurice shop in the “Higashimukai” shopping district. I’ve been curious about this place since I was a university student, but never had a chance to go, so I was glad I did! The eggs were so fluffy and delicious. There was a cute kid dressed up as Olaf. 

We went to Korean cosmetics, visited “Kohfukuji” Temple, and then headed to “Todaiji” Temple. There were lots of deer and it was so relaxing. When we went from Todaiji to “Kasuga Taisha” Shrine, there were a lot of deer and they were fighting and it was really scary. It was so fierce that I would have died if I got caught in it.

I heard that “Oimo Wakaimo”(sweet poteto shop) had opened in Nara City, so we headed there. On the way there, I took a picture with a deer. It was a pretty good picture.

The “Imo Tenshio Soft”(sulty softcream) was really delicious. Sato always eats quickly and waits for me to finish eating, but I am too embarrassed and nervous to eat without being seen, so I can’t taste it properly.

I was happy to take the train with Sato from Kintetsu Nara on the way home. He said he wanted to kiss me. He said, “Don’t you want to kiss?”. But I don’t care either way. I was happy to be just with him.

I told her I wanted to go to Sato’s house after my visit to my parents’ house, and he was reluctant but said it was okay!

We went to tavern. It was the first time I went to a tavern with Sato. It’s refreshing to go to a chain tavern! He told me about going out for drinks with people of work, but I don’t want to go to places like that. I want to spend my time improving myself and spending time with my friends. I don’t want to go to a place where I have to entertain people, and I think that’s old-fashioned in this day and age. After that, I went to Sato’s house for a half hour or so. I heard he did a good job cleaning. He asked me to stay over. But I rejected because I think still I can’t show him my face without makeup.