8.Suma, Mt.Rokko night view

Case1 of love affair using date app

We gathered at Suma Station and walked along the beach. This day according to “Waking Saturday”(TV program),  Leo was at the warst lank, and it looked like it was going to be a day that didn’t go as planned, so I spent it with anxiety. Sato was depressed because the train was late and the carriage was different, but I didn’t mind that at all.

Did Sato feel like this when I messed up?

The sea was so crowded. There were so many people in Kobe that I thought I would go to the beach. It was sunny and hot, so I thought it was the best day of sea weather. I was too embarrassing to be in a swimsuit, so it was thought the beach date will be a long way off. Sato introduced me to his friends, family and boss. I’m curious as to how he introduced. I’m curious because when he introduces it to a third party, it’s the most true feelings. At times like this, if he and I had a common friend, I would be grateful because I could hear what he was saying. Hetold me that my hair style was cute. I’m happy to hear that. I’m not used to being praised, so I don’t know if I can reply it at times like this. We gave up because I lined up a lot of “blue seals”(icecream shop American-deriverd). The timing was bad and “Sumasui”(aquarium) had closed until the spring of 2024.

We were at the beach for about an hour and tried to go to “Kikuseidai”(night view spot), but it seems that we can’t see the night view due to the time of the last cable car. We went to Mt. Maya cable bottom, but I headed to Mt. Rokko. I walked through a residential area before going there. It was comfortable with few people. Maybe I’m not good at dating in crowded places. Embarrassing. While waiting for the bus to Mt. Rokko Cable, we went window shopping at “Co-op”(supermarket).

I was glad he was looking into my favorite band. It seems that he was interested in the things I like. Sato likes “saraba seishun no hikari”(Japanese comedian). I went home and saw their skit. Sato said that he liked the skit of “The guy from the future” .

We went to Mt. Rokko by cable car. This cable car was like an attraction and was a lot of fun. There was the sound of insects and the sound of water, the wind was blowing, and it was cool. When I got to the top, it was still bright, so we went into a cafe and ate cake.

After that, we took a walk until the sun set. The mountain road was dimly lit and it felt like an expedition, so it was exciting and fun for me. Sato was scared. He said he would leave me behind and run away if something happened, but he would definitely protect me.

I kissed for the first time I said it again and again. I don’t know how many times we did it and I don’t remember the taste, but I was happy and I was so happy. I was too persistent, it must have been annoying…

I heard about his friend and his ex-girlfriend. Probably he hated it. But I was curious so I asked. After all, I always give priority to my own feelings. It was hard to say goodbye. I don’t want to say bad things about his ex-girlfriend. but it’s the worst that I said it was correct answer that they broke up. If my ex-boyfriend was talked badly, I would be sad because I used to like him. I’m really selfish, and I regret saying that without thinking about Sato’s feelings.

We didn’t know what’s going on with coronavirus next week, so I was worried that I won’t be able to see him, so “will we meet again tomorrow? “He said. I was looking forward to it, but I was not used to love, so I was worried about what would happen. But Sato never dislikes me.