20.Forest Park

Case1 of love affair using date app

We met at the station, bought what we needed at “Daiei”(supermarket), and took the bus to Forest Park, but the bus was so crowded. They should increase the number of buses. We sat separately. 

We walked around the park. We walked around a lot and took a lot of pictures. The nature was so relaxing. It was sunny, so it was hot in the sun, but chilly in the shade, so it was a perfect picnic day. We didn’t talk to each other while we were walking, but I felt very comfortable. I wonder what Sato thought about that. We walked around for about an hour until we found a place to eat. We found a place, laied out our leisure sheets, and had lunch. It was delicious, but I was still itchy after eating because of work’s stress. We played soap bubbles. It was fun. Sato was so cute playing with soap bubbles. I could watch him for the rest of my life. I was healed. I was so comfortable on his lap that I wished time would stop for a long time. The sun was shining warmly, the clouds were moving gently, the wind was blowing moderately, and I was on Sato’s lap. I heard Sato doesn’t like kneecap pillows so much. That’s not true. We kissed.

We took a lot of pictures of autumn leaves while walking. The tunnel was showing the images of the autumn leaves, and it was really beautiful. The most beautiful spot was near the pond.

There were some rabbits. They were cute. I loved the way it bounced around, with its mouth full of giggles and its plump hips.

We talked about the end of the year while eating sweets. Sato talked about his sister and brother’s family and his parents’ return home. Sato is not sure what will happen to his family at the end of the year and the beginning of the new year. I want to spend Christmas together. If I wanted, I would like to spend also New Year’s together. But I also want to have a New Year’s Eve party with “Tane”(my friend). There are so many people I want to meet and so many things I want to do.

I did a little scratch art on the bus on the way home. Sato traced the lines so well, maybe he is more precise than I am.

Sato fell asleep on the way home. I thought he was tired.