27.Sato’s house

Case1 of love affair using date app

I couldn’t tie my hair well in the morning, so I was about 30 minutes later than I had said I would be. I remember Non-style Ishida’s(Japanese comedian) idea that wants someone to show up on time, even if it’s only 60% of visual, and I’m torn between feeling sorry and wanting to meet him after making me perfect.

I don’t know the structure of Osaka station too well. Sato is always great at guiding me around Umeda easily. I went to see the Christmas market at Hankyu Department Store. Everything was so cute. The Scandinavian fairies lined up in a row were cute. Sato said he liked the fairy with the heart. I wanted gloves and neck warmers. The Christmas tree was so beautiful with mirror balls and lights and music. I saw a blouson of my favorite “Jueti”(clothing brand), but Sato didn’t seem to like it much. It’s so hard for me to wear something that Sato likes because it doesn’t match me. I wish he would have told me that whatever I wears is cute and that he likes it, so I could wear what I like without thinking about it.Why don’t I ask, “What kind of clothes do you like?” if I was so depressed.

For lunch, I couldn’t give up, so I went to “Khun Taep” for Thai food again. I had khao soi. Sato had rice with gapao. Khao soi soup was too good! The spring rolls had celery or something peculiar and weird.

If I could find a really good Thai food in Japan, I wouldn’t have any more regrets about Thai food, but it’s hard to go beyond the real thing in Thai. I think I understand what my friend who went to Thai with me was saying. I wish Mango Tango would come to Japan.

After that, I went to Sato’s house. There was definitely an Indian curry restaurant near his house before, but we couldn’t find it this time. Sad.

I got to play a game. I didn’t really understand the fighting part, but it was a lot of fun just to watch the story.

The sex was too painful. Sato must be in trouble. It didn’t feel good at all. I was happy because I could feel Sato was taking good care of me.