26.Hishimitsu soy sauce

Case1 of love affair using date app

After the concert of my school, we met at 16:00 in Sannomiya. If it had been an earthquake like “the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake”, I would not be able to see Sato every weekend like I do now, and I would not be able to afford to do so in my daily life. It was still early, so I went to an alternative event to the “Luminarie”(event held to mourn the victims of an earthquake). There were decorations that were part of the Luminarie, with motifs such as diamonds, dandelions, and fireworks. Sato said if he work hard, he can make that. I hope he do. I guess they are probably beautiful from a distance, but some of them look weird when we look at them from a larger angle.

When we went to the “Hishimitsu”, soy sauce store, it happened to be 15 minutes before last order, so we were able to get in without waiting in line. Sato ordered fried chicken again. While waiting for dishI showed him pictures of the staff and introduced him to some of the people at work. He said that my boss was different from what he had expected. I wonder what kind of person he thought my boss was.

The dinner was so delicious that we ate more silently than ever before. Soy sauce tastes so good that I could live on only soy sauce rice.

After we finished eating, we decided to look for Luminarie again, but after the sun went down, it was devilishly cold, so we went to karaoke. I was so happy to see Sato, who had been so reluctant, enjoying the karaoke! I’m also happy that he shows me how he sings. I can feel that he’s forgiven me and I’m happy to see him enjoying himself.

I’m also really happy that he said he’d like to see me again tomorrow.