7.Drive date

Case1 of love affair using date app

This time, I drove to Fruit Flower Park, Mentai Park, and the Sanda Outlet. We rented a car share at Shinzaike station meeting and headed for Fruit Flower Park. My friends and sister are in the passenger seat all the time, but Sato was strangely nervous and became really bad at driving. It was so foggy that I couldn’t see 10 meters ahead when I was in the clouds, so I was scared, but I was excited because it was something I had never seen before, and it was fun because it felt like an adventure and an attraction.

After arriving at Fruit Flower Park, we walked to the hotel. We saw monkeys and took pictures. I was so happy when Sato told me to take a picture together for the first time. There were too many people, so I bought soft serve ice cream and bread and tried to eat them in the car, but the soft serve ice cream melted too quickly, so we were fighting outside the car. When I couldn’t decide which bread to buy, he said he’d give me a bite of curry bread. kind.

We went to Mentai Park. At this time, Sato’s passenger seat’s role was perfect and I thought it was wonderful. I don’t really like fish eggs, but it looked interesting so I went. We enjoyed the factory tour. Tarako is cod roe seasoned with salt, and mentaiko is the Chinese word for cod? Korean? It seems that there is a difference that it is seasoned with chili pepper. There were souvenirs, and they looked so delicious that I wanted to order all the food in the food court. The raw mentaiko rice ball was delicious. There was a lot of equipment. Maybe Sato wants a girl who can enjoy drinking together. I felt sorry because I couldn’t drink.

I wonder if such trivial things pile up when we break up. Sato doesn’t like shrimp, squid, and octopus, but he seems to be fine with fish eggs, shellfish (depending on the type), and fish paste.

We headed to the outlet. I’m glad we held hands. I was really happy because I was a little depressed that I couldn’t connect this time. After all, I get nervous when I connect with my lover. Sato bought a T-shirt at GAP. I want to link code someday. I was envious of how cute the couples were who were wearing link-coordinates in the city, and it looked like it would be joyful to choose clothes for each other. It’s too embarrassing to wear matching outfits all the time, and it’s cute for high school and college students, but it feels a little outdated, and I don’t think it’s suitable for me and Sato. I also bought a border tops for autumn. I don’t buy many redly clothes, and I thought it didn’t look good on me, but Sato chose red. If anything, I like yellow and blue, but my taste was different. Maybe that’s why the one-piece was also yellow, so it seems that the color wasn’t good enough. I’m kind of shocked. When I met Sato, I chose clothes that I thought were cute, so I was worried that people didn’t think I was cute until now. How should I choose from now on? But I’m looking forward to trying new things from next time.

When I went around and headed for Shinzaike, I was a little sad because I regretted it. I used the Mt. Rokko Tunnel on my way home, so I was able to get home very quickly. We hugged after going through the ticket gate at the station. He did it twice. When we met in the morning, I wanted to hug him, but I missed the chance, so I was happy. He said he loved me when I hugged him. He said he wanted to kiss me, but I wasn’t ready, so I didn’t.

I haven’t been able to properly tell him that I like him yet, and when Sato said he liked me, I couldn’t say “me too” and replied “thank you”, so I want to tell him properly. I haven’t been able to do anything that I was enthusiastic about last time. I’m so desperate that I can’t afford to clear what I was thinking about doing that this date until the day before.

I’m not used to being in love, so I feel bad about being in love. He thought for me, but I don’t think about his feelings. I will definitely tell him next time. Consider the others feelings.