3. Nunobiki herb park

Case1 of love affair using date app

Sato came to Kobe for the third time. We went to the herb garden. I went to a set restaurant in Sannomiya. It was delicious, but my eating speed was too slow, so he had to wait. I was nervous to be seen eating, and I felt bad for keeping him waiting.

After that we went to the herb garden. I’ve been there by myself before, but it was raining and foggy that time, so I could get revenge. The smell of herbs was so soothing. All smell good. The honey ice cream was unbelievably delicious, and the weather at that time was moderately cool and the wind was blowing, so I was at my happiest moment. The flowers were beautiful, but I was most excited about the vegetables. The herb garden was over pretty quickly, so I went to the ‘northern Ijinkan-gai’.

When I came down from the herb garden, it was hot and sweaty. We were probably both tired from walking around and training, but on the way, we were healed at a very small handmade general store.

After that, we decided to walk back to Sannomiya station, but I made a mistake and messed up again. He confessed to me just before we got to the station, but at this time I thought neither I nor the other person was my type. On my way home, I was thinking of asking, “How long will we have this kind of relationship?” I didn’t have romantic feelings for him, so if something strange, I wouldn’t see him again, so I thought I’d think about it if he confessed to me. I told him I didn’t know if I liked him, but then he waited for me for a week. Moreover, he talked to me on the phone even on weekdays, and I think he was in a tense state all week. I think it’s really hard to wait.