Case1 of love affair using date app

Namba, too many stations(osaka metro, JR, Hanshin…). I met up with Rika(my friend) after I said bye-bye. I used her makeup tools. After the meeting, we headed for lunch. I had been so busy this week since my boss got mad at me that I hadn’t even checked out the restaurant and heard about it last minute. I was a little miffed when he asked me if I wanted to go earlier. It was completely my fault for suggesting it so late, so I can’t blame him.

When we talked, Sato said he had a tough week too. It wasn’t just me, but I was too busy taking care of myself to give much thought to Sato.

Even though he is having a hard time at work, he switches his focus to me when we meet up.

To be honest, I couldn’t hold his hand or give him a hug or look at him properly. I can’t switch to love mode. I’m in a daze, thinking only about work.

I missed out on Robert’s tonteki(look for “15.Tennoji”) at Tenshiba, but it was so delicious that I even ate the egg on rice, and I was a bit taken back. Even though I was depressed as hell, I had a good appetite.

After eating, we did a little window shopping and headed toward the “Namba Grand kagetsu”(place that we can watch the comedy show). The bookstore my father used to take me to was now “Donki”(general store). Donki had a huge variety of eye shadows, and one Chinese brand was unbelievably cute. I wanted one, but it was too expensive and the one I’m using now doesn’t wear off at all, so I decided not to go for it. Maybe the thing I want most as a birthday present is cosmetics. Sato is not interested in cosmetics, but I always make him look at them.

Yoshimoto Comedy Theater was really funny. I like Einstein’s Inada. Sato seems to like Mayurika. I couldn’t keep up with the comedy, I had to think a bit to understand it. I laughed out loud at the Nippon president’s “electrocution”. I’ve only seen Mitorizu at “M1″(TV show), but at M1, the backstage greeting was really funny. I had only seen the sightseeing chart at M1, but at M1, I thought the backstage greeting comedy was really funny, but it wasn’t. I wondered that Mr. Morikawa was wearing a wristwatch on his left hand even though he is left-handed.

After the show, we went window shopping, went to a cafe, and relaxed. Next week, Tane(my friend) and I were going to “Arima Onsen” on Saturday, so we promised to meet on Sunday. We agreed to have lunch and relax until I had sharehouse meeting on Sunday evening.

I was anxious about work that day too, so we broke up early. I was sad to say goodbye.

I was happy that Sato hugged me and wanted to kiss me, but I wasn’t really in the mood for a relationship at the time, and I was a little frustrated because I was late for my period. I didn’t want to be a bum in front of Sato because I couldn’t afford.

He asked me to come to his house next week, but to be honest, I wasn’t too excited about it. I can’t decide whether that I should see him to refresh myself or that it would be better not to go if my mind would be occupied with work anyway.