6. Sweets paradise

Case1 of love affair using date app

It was the most fun and happiest date I’ve ever had. I was nervous and anxious until the day before, but when I went there, I was able to eat a lot of my favorite sweets, hold hands, and hug, so I didn’t feel bad at all. I’m sorry I asked Sato why he didn’t connect hands. He said he thought it was hot to hold hands. Also, he was afraid of that I hate it. But I said to try to love him. I was too embarrassed to express my feeling properly in words, but I was so happy.

The ‘suipara'(All-you-can-eat sweets shop in Japan) was so delicious. The first pudding roll was delicious. Fresh pasta and carbonara were too delicious. Unfortunately I couldn’t eat the curry, but the pasta fritters were delicious. It was hard. I was happy to eat, but I brought up a little tough talk, but we decided to avoid going out to eat alone with the opposite sex. Sato said that it won’t happen, but I think he is popular as usual. He’s gentle, it feels like it’s thinking and moving, and there’s a fascinating wonder. A little uneasy. It’s amazing that you said you believed in me. straight. You must be a serious person. I thought it was amazing rather than happy. You tell me that you believe in someone you’re dating with such a half-hearted feeling.

I window-shopped after Suipara. I went to Flying Tiger. Monotone clothes are good. He seems to like monotone, solid colors, and simple mature clothes. It’s the exact opposite of what I like, but I wanted it to look good. I like childish, colorful and patterned things, so I think I can challenge a new world.

When I decided to take a break on a bench in Center Gai, it was so quiet at first that I was strangely nervous and tired. I held out my hand and asked, “Don’t you hate holding hands?” Moreover, I was so impatient (?) I was sweating strangely because I was not used to it, so I think my hands were sweaty. Sato touched my hands with both hands. I was wondering what I would do if I didn’t feel my heart pounding, but I did. I was touched as I was being done, but I should have been more proactive from myself. Being passive all the time, Sato thinks it’s boring.

I got over holding hands for the first time, so from now on I can hold hands more smoothly! happy. I get more nervous when I’m held my hands than when I cross my arms, but Sato seems to be the opposite.

I got a hug at the end, but absolutely I was seen as lighthearted woman who asked for a hug even though I said I didn’t know if I had romantic feelings to him. I should have put up with it. After rereading my diary, maybe I love Sato. I’ll tell you when we meet next time.