16.Marine Pia

Case1 of love affair using date app

I was just in time for the rendezvous, and I was in a hurry when I remembered that Sato had said last time that he might get angry if I was late. If I keep getting ready, I’m going to be late…. I’ve been trying to put on makeup and do my hair for tens of minutes, and I’m not satisfied with it, so I’m trying my best to stick to it, and that’s why I’m almost late. I don’t want to meet someone I like looking weird, and if I get ready early, I end up doing this and that just in time. We met up safely and headed for “Marine Pia”(outlet) first. I gave him a status report. We talked. Sato seemed to be having a hard time as usual, he has been having a hard time since August. I was grateful that he came all the way to Kobe(I lived). When he held my hand at the traffic light, I was upset because I don’t have a tolerance for this week. I was fine when we’re talking normally, but I get embarrassed when he stares at me or gets in lovery mood.

We went window shopping at Marine Pia. Sato seems to like beautiful clothes. He also prefers women who wear heels. he said I should wear what I wore for training, but it was a normal suit and too formal, but is that what he wants? I’ll try it out of the blue sometime.

Before going to Costco, Sato said he wanted to pass by my workplace, so we did. It was strange to see him around my office.

When we arrived at Costco, it was hard to find a parking lot. For lunch I had a garden burger, marron ice cream, cheese pizza, and a hot dog. I’ve had the cheese pizza many times, but I was so impressed with how good it was. The garden burger was made with soy meat. It had a slight soy taste, but it was delicious. I did a lot of shopping in the store. I wanted to go grape picking, so I got back on my feet even though they didn’t have white grapes, but I checked later and found that the grape picking season was over. I was happy to buy dinner rolls and cheese-based items, all of which I had never bought before.

When we went back to the bread counter, I didn’t feel anything, but Sato seemed to feel uncomfortable going against the flow of people.

It started to make me sad to say bye-bye about the way home. On the way home, we stopped by “Kirindo”(drug store) and “Daily Canart”(supermarket). This date felt like we were living together in a supermarket or something, except at Marine Pia.

When I arrived at the share house, it was like one of my sharehousemates had just returned. I made Sato wait outside and waited for my sharehousemate to come back to his room, but he didn’t come back and I was impatient. After I had divided the food, I let her fold the laundry. I wondered what I was making her do.

I was put on my knees. He really recovers. Every time I get close to saying bye-bye, I get sad, but I’m glad I have something to look forward to because I promise to go on the next date with him.

I walked from the share house to Kobe station, which would have been a long walk by myself, but with Sato it only took a second. I want to stop dragging my feet every time. I’ve been told I’m used to it, but I think it’s getting to be a pain in the ass.