21.Ikuno Korean town

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I had always wanted to visit the Korean Town in “Tsuruhashi”. First, We headed to Waffle Khan, which just opened in October. It was quite a walk from the station. On the way there, there were many Korean restaurants. Since it was lunch time, Waffle Khan was not much of a line. I had strawberry and Sato had chocolate. It was delicious with lots of whipped cream. Mysteriously, there were black sesame seeds in the waffle.

Next, we went looking for “tuncaron”(fat macaron). On the way there, they were selling sugar confectionery from the “squid game”(fashionable drama in Korea), and I got excited. Sato had not seen the “squid game” yet. We didn’t find any tuncaron, but we hadn’t had lunch yet, so we went to buy cheese hutkus. I bought some kimbap on the way and ate it while waiting in line. I like it better than the Japanese fat rolls. Then I had some yangnyeom chicken and a more flaky version of hotchpotch. It tasted like something, but I couldn’t tell what it was. 

We ended up going to leemart, which is a supermarket and sells accessories and such. I bought bear and rabbit socks at a sock store. We decided to buy some tuncarrons at another store. Sato got berries and I got cream cheese. They were cute. We headed for the station. We strolled through the intricate shopping streets around Tsuruhashi station. I bought some snacks and jarred noodles at the supermarket. I also found a hotchpotch and bought it. When we arrived at the station, we ate a macaroon. They were so cute. I told Sato that I was going to go for a walk and he said he would come with me. We found another sock store, but it was cuter, so I was a little depressed.