4.Atoa(23rd Feb 2023)

We got together in Motomachi and went to ‘mainichi shokudo Butch’, which we couldn’t go before. I walked around Motomachi and shopping street while waiting. I was surprised to hear that the wedding was at Kobe Airport because it is near from my home. I saw accessories and miscellaneous goods at Marui. He seems to like donuts. It seems that he ate strong chocolate cacao to lose her appetite.

We also saw Rush. I have weak skin. He used milk soap. He said suddenly dry and rough. I heard that the Boy Scouts were not only outdoor activities, but also fundraising activities.

At the butch, Uki was eating hamburgers and fried oysters. He likes oysters. I ate a butch set meal (hamburger, cream croquette, fried shrimp). The shrimp was not the plump type, but the plump type. I ate late, and Uki was waiting while reading a picture book about coffee. A little bit about travel. Going out to eat the local food is important, but I really sympathized with the idea of focusing on food. Her family seems to call her U-kun. Oh my God! precious!

On my way to Atoa, I went to the Hokkaido product exhibition. It was interesting his episode that his grandma was illegally picking bamboo shoots and wild vegetables. I also remembered that my grandfather and I went to pick bamboo shoots and bracken. I wonder if that was a proper his mountain? It was nostalgic to remember that I went on a trip with my friends who had a lot of delicious things.

It was just 2 o’clock when I walked to Atoa. I saw many different creatures. Uki seems to go fishing. He knew a lot about fish. The little mouse was cute. The rainbows fish were colorful and cute. When we saw the viewfrom the top, Meriken Park was very close, so we walked there. There were many dogs. We enjoyed a street performance. Uki seemed a little tired. I’m sorry to make him walk too much. I heard that he went to New Zealand on a school trip. Is his grandma’s family home in Kagoshima? It seems that there is

I ate Danish cheesecake and waffles at ‘Mosaic’. He showed me his dog. It was a little chubby. I wanted to go to ‘Hirakata park'(the thema park in Osaka). Ayabe likes to make Uki and Toshibe irritating. I feel how close they are.

It seems that he will meet Toshibe at his parents’ house after date. He stayed late even though he was busy.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m lazy, or if I’m too selfish, or if I’m not seen as a romantic interest, or if I’m keeping (I don’t think this is the case), but I’ve been thinking about confessing since the third time, but he hasn’t come. .

Uki, I think that the similarities in lifestyle and values are a great match. I don’t know if I like him or not, but I respect him as a person because he cares about his family, he can cherish his time alone, and he’s serious.

It probably won’t do any good to confess from me, it’s interesting to watch, let’s just leave it .