The second call (5th Feb 2023)

We were less nervous compared to the first call. He asked me about my family. I didn’t know how to answer because my family had a variety of problems. I talked little by little, that my mother died 23 years ago, my father looked for new partner, he took me and my sister to date of stranger woman, my grandfather took care of me while I was little, I love him, I sent a letter every month when I was college student of far from my native place, he seldom calls me. Uki also talked that his parents divorced, she tried to get her son’s way, their relationship doesn’t go well, Uki was loved by his grandma, he made lunchbox when he was high school student, he took part in three-way meeting of his sister and brother in place of his mother. We were in similar circumstances,so we were attracted to each other. I respect him.