Case1 of love affair using date app

We met at Noda station a little after 1:00 p.m. and we headed for Osaka Port. I really wanted to have lunch with him, but I couldn’t say. WWhen I asked him if he had been to Kaiyukan, his ex-girlfriend came up. Not out of jealousy, but more out of curiosity. I hadn’t been to Kaiyukan for a long time. I like the whale shark tank because it’s so relaxing and there are so many different kinds of fish that you can spend forever looking at them. Sato said the jellyfish tank was the best part.

We went window shopping at the “Tempozan Harbor Village”. We went window shopping and rode the Ferris wheel. I was embarrassed to be around Sato, but he was more embarrassed to be around other people. We kissed in it.

After that, we went to a cafe. I told him about the results of the medical checkup for young adults, and he was quite concerned. His health level is too wonderful. I want to do my best to get all A’s in my 20’s.

We decided to go to Sato’s house. He spoiled me on the train on the way home, so I wondered if he was embarrassed, but he said he was fine with hugging me in public.

I probably learned the way from Tamagawa. When we got home, we made out. I don’t know how many times we kissed. I asked him if he wanted to see my loungewear, and he was reluctant. I was happy that he said he was happy that I was holding hands with him more often. I felt like I should be more willing to hold hands with him.

We played “Ring fit adventure”(training game). We had a lot of fun doing muscle training. I want to get one. It’s good that I can exercise in my room! I usually do muscle training while watching YouTube, but it’s great that I can do it while playing a game.

I heard about your ex-girlfriend for a few and I felt bad that I was almost jealous of myself. Just the fact that he said he was looking at me made me feel better about being jealous. Sato’s words are straightforward and reassuring. He says that he doesn’t think it’s cute when girls ask him “isn’t it cute?” he says that he doesn’t want to say “cute” when he doesn’t think a girl is cute, so he says “likely cute” when he doesn’t think a girl is cute. I was embarrassed to think that he really means it when he says “cute” to me. I love his lap pillow too much. It helps me recover so much. We watched the “Hero” comedy together. It was fun. Peaceful time. He tried to take a picture of me while I was on my knees, but I refused because my face was so weird. Why did he want such a strange picture?

He spoiled me a lot because he said he couldn’t make out with me tomorrow.We stayed until 8 p.m. It was the first day of a three-day weekend, so we were too happy to spend time together without worrying about anything.