12.Sato’s house

Case1 of love affair using date app

Lunch, I brought a lunch box of omelet rice and ate it together. I think I can eat white rice with the appearance of Sato who eats it because it’s delicious. I was so nervous that I didn’t have time to enjoy it. I’m glad Sato isn’t picky about taste. His sense of values is quite similar. He was satisfied with my cooking skills, so I feel a lot easier.

We played a game. was fun. But I want a cooperative game. I almost made an enemy. I want to work together. Sato is smart and the type I don’t want to make enemies with.

We flirted. I could really feel how much he cared for me as usual, and he told me that he liked me a lot, and I felt that his heart was filled with his tightness. The knee pillow was so good that I want it again. I like the feeling of being pampered. I feel like I’m being treated like a pet when I’m petted on the head, which makes me happy, but it’s kind of complicated. Satoshi says that I’m amazing, but I’m too insecure about myself and want to do something about it. Low self-esteem and low self-esteem. I told him that I keep a diary, and if it’s been 3 months and we’re still dating, I told him he could read it, and he said that as long as I didn’t say good-bye, we’d be dating, which made me so happy.

I was happy that Sato also said that he wanted a kiss. I couldn’t do it well.

I want to see what he looks like when his relux mode. I want to see the relationship between him and other people. I told you. I can’t imagine having the same job. I was a little relieved to hear that.

Can’t wait for next week. It seems that he will pay for “Kaiyukan”(aquarium). Thank you for letting me spoil you because you said it again. I’m happy that you want to spend money for this person.