Case1 of love affair using date app

I made fig(my best fruit) cupcakes around 7pm. I was desperate because there was no kitchen scale in the VISTA, but I had no choice but to make it by eye, so I measured it somehow. I was worried if I could make it well, but Misa(sharehouse mate) said it was delicious.

“Himeji castle” I messed up from the beginning and couldn’t join Sato’s train. We met at Akashi. Himeji Station was big and prosperous. I could see the castle from the station. I went to a place called johsonhumberger in the shopping district. I always try to ask for more when I order, but “Isn’t there too much for us?” He says. The result is always satisfying. The cheeseburger was so delicious. Something like chili con carne and potatoes with cheese were too delicious. When I heard about McDonald, I wanted to eat them. I’ve never eaten “night McDonald”(do you know?), teriyaki, or egg, so I want to try it. A taste of Sato’s overtime. Since I eat late again, he gave me a free talk. The story of “power pro”. I thought it was just a baseball game, but is it human relationships or life stages.It seems that there is also a story for each. Sato likes watching baseball games, but doesn’t seem to want to do it himself. I don’t know much about sports, so I’m really happy that he taught me new things.

The shocking thing was that Sato’s father decided to give him the same surname as my favorite singer, although the letter were different. I was surprised because I like the singer very much.

Himeji Castle was not as white as it looks on TV or in pictures. Is it because I was looking up from below. From entering the grounds to entering the castle, I walked a lot. It was interesting because there were various devices for fighting in white. Why the hidden window at the top of the keep? they couldn’t be opened. The narrow gate, the armor rack, and the door at the top of the stairs made me excited. Himeji Castle is characterized by its spiral shape when attacking by any chance.

When we headed to the shopping district, I found a shaved ice shop and succeeded in getting revenge. While wewere waiting, I was happy to hear that we would meet again the next day. To be honest, I thought that Saturday alone wasn’t enough, so I was happy that Sato said that it would be fine. He is the type of person who can’t do without his own time, and since he loves games, he probably wants to make time for that too. He told me that he will meet me twice over the three-day weekend next week. Saved ice was really delicious with white chocolate and nuts in the ice. The strawberry sauce was also delicious. At the time of “Komeda”(coffe shop), the air conditioning was also effective and it did not melt easily, but this time it melted immediately.

We window-shopped at the station building. What we think is cute is definitely different. We talked about travel. It looked like it will be spring or summer next year, but we talked about wanting to go to Hokkaido. Sato and I want to go to Korea too. The desire to travel was aroused.

All the while on the train, I was nervous about when to give her a fig cake. I was messing around in my bag all day, and I didn’t have the courage to say so. I was about to say it, but Sato waited for me. He always matches my pace. I was really nervous, but I was relieved that they seemed to be happy. I’m glad I made it.

I couldn’t hug or kiss, but I was happy because Sato was happy.