5. Port Island

Case1 of love affair using date app

The fifth time was our first date since we started dating, and we went to see sunflowers at Port Island. That’s an excuse, and I really wanted to take Sato to IKEA. I’m always having fun, so I was happy when Sato said it was fun. After that, we aimed for shaved ice, but we gave up because we lined up quite a bit. I should have been a little more persistent here, but I think I was still worried about whether I would have time to wait. But I had shaved ice at “Komeda”(coffee shop), and he said he likes pears, so I was worried that there would be pear shaved ice, but it had a La France flavor, so I’m glad we ate it at Komeda. He taught me the mechanism of his quick menu decision. I thought it was different from me.

It was my girls’ day, and since I had just finished my training, I was dressed modestly and didn’t do naturally. Even though I don’t have romantic feelings, I want to hold hands with him, so how low am I? I wonder if he wants to connect. Even when we walk side by side, the distance is still the same as before we started dating, and I feel like he doesn’t want to touch me. Our relationship hasn’t changed from before they started dating and we’re like friends.

Even though I don’t have romantic feelings, I feel like it’s different for me to go out with him. difficult.