Case1 of love affair using date app

After the dentist’s appointment, I met up with Sato at the station and we headed to “Tenshiba”(lawn square near Tennoji Zoo). I was curious about Robert’s meat, but we decided to have Korean food. We went to the zoo first. It had been a while since I had been to the zoo, so I was excited. I hadn’t been to the zoo since the Ueno Zoo.

We ate “UFO chicken” at the Korean restaurant.

Went window shopping at “Abeno Harukas”(shopping mall). It was fun to look at clothes! Abeno Harukas is like a collection of department stores.

We took a break at a cafe. I had a gateau pistachio. Pistachios were the only nuts that won(a popular phrase in Japan). It was a sparkling cake. Sato said that he would go to even an unwilling drinking party if it would help his work go smoothly. I don’t go to meetings because I value my time and I don’t think I have to get along with people at work any more than I have to. I don’t want to spend my time doing what I want to do or meeting with my best friends.

I went to Sato’s house. He put me on his lap and we watched “Tokyo03″(Japanese comedian trio). A wedding comedy. I’m too happy to watch my favorite comedians with the person I love on his lap. I want it to last forever. I love spending time at Sato’s house, but if we’re going to have more house dates as we go on more dates, I wonder if it’s better to go to different places in the beginning.

There was a lot of kissing. He said it was because he couldn’t do it when we met last week. Too cute. I like kissing Sato a lot, but I don’t like it because my lips dry after kissing and it makes me uncomfortable. I want a lipstick that won’t come off when I kiss him.

I love him too much right now. It’s painful. I wonder how long this feeling will last. But the crisis of not being able to see him next week is hard. If we were a little closer, I could drop by on my way home like one of my friends.

I went to Hina’s(my friend) house. We talked a lot about my boyfriend. She asked me why I was coming to her place the day. I wondered if I could stay at Sato’s place even if I didn’t do anything. I probably can’t tell him myself until he asks me to stay over.