1.First date

Case1 of love affair using date app

It took 4 months to meet from sending first message on dating app. His name is Sato. We sometimes sent message and called weekend. On our first date, we had an all-you-can-eat Italian lunch in Umeda. After I went to the dentist in Osaka, I asked him to meet me. My contact was late, so it was a last-minute decision.

I thought that I should have stopped. I also thought about what to do if he was different from the image I had in mind. But when I met him, Sato was easy to talk to, and I felt relieved because his voice was the same on the phone. Until now, I had only listened to voices through my smartphone, so it was strange to see that person in front of me. My first impression is that he is a caring person.

He guided me to everywhere. He knew about around Osaka station including the location of the store. When I said I wanted to go to Daiso(100 yen shop in Japan), he took me without hesitation (Actually, when he said he brought me to Daiso, I felt ‘kyun’), he adapted to my selfishness. He said my hands were beautiful and touched them, but my heart wasn’t pounding at all, and I thought he didn’t have romantic feelings for me.