Case1 of love affair using date app

We met at Hanshin-Sannomiya station. I couldn’t hug him right after we met, but he hugged me at a stoplight. He said he was embarrassed. Sato always has been hugging me. I said I wanted to do it, so I had to learn to do it myself.

We headed for “San Plaza”(shopping center). We went to a restaurant called “Shiki Saiai”. It was just before it started to get crowded, so we were able to get in right away. The food was delicious. Sato never sees me eat, so I watched him. He noticed me right away.

After that, we headed for “Atoa”(aquarium). I know I have no sense of direction, so I went there with a navigation system. It’s embarrassing that I can’t guide them in my territory. On the way, we stopped at “toothtooth”(cake shop and cafe). I started to notice that Kobe city is full of toothtooths.

It’s too cold outside even though it’s only November, and I might not like winter dates. I might only want to date at home in winter. Atoa was very crowded. There were some strange animals and the light art was really beautiful. It was so cute that he didn’t like the reptiles. I liked the big snow globe place the best. We took pictures there.

We also took pictures on the roof. I’m getting used to taking pictures with him. It used to take a lot of courage to ask for a picture. When we returned to Sannomiya, it was only 2:30 p.m. and I wanted to go to karaoke, but Sato was reluctant. I was also in a bad mood because of it. I think he thought I was being a pain in the ass at the time. When I persistently asked him to go, he came. He was kind. It was crowded, so we went around to several places and finally got into karaoke.

I hate it when I’m in a bad mood, to the point that I almost dislike Sato, but he was so cute when he was in a bad mood. It makes me want to annoy him. I feel like a junior high school boy making someone he likes feel bad. I’m still a child.

Sato listened to me singing. I tried to put him in a good mood, but he told me to sing what I wanted to sing. After kissing me a few times on the way home, he asked me one last time, which was so cute.

Sato said the last time he went to karaoke was before the Corona disaster. He said he went there when he was drunk with his friends.

I was super happy when he told me he had a surprisingly good time.

We left the karaoke bar and walked to the station, but I told him I wanted to spend a little more time with him, so he took me window shopping at Hankyu Department Store. He was a little grumpy again. I’ve been so selfish today.

I’m looking forward to Arashiyama next week.