Case1 of love affair using date app

It was a “VISTA”(my sharehouse) date. I was really nervous and went to pick him up at Minatogawa station. Sato held my hand, but I still get nervous. I feel like it always resets after a week. We bought vegetables, figs and meatat the market. Avocados were so cheap that they sold about 20 for 150 yen. Surprise. I was actually thinking of buying some heavy stuff like fabric softener and soy milk and asking him to carry it for me, but I was too impudent to say so.

He said that he was nervous all the way to the share house, and that he couldn’t even talk and was so nervous that it was annoying. It felt strange to have Sato in the space I always lived in. Introducing a house is scary when the place is found out and something happens like breaking up, but I think Sato will be fine. We made cheese fondue together. I was fighting the avocado, and Sato did most of it. He cut vegetables, heated them up, and washed the dishes. I just made cheese. It was delicious. The bread was the most delicious, and the butter and cheese tasted calorie. The mini tomatoes were surprisingly sweet and delicious. Sato was there and I was nervous and just ate. The cheese was too crispy, so I tried cheese risotto and it was super delicious, but we werefull. I put the baked potato on the back burner.

He listened me play the piano. I was so nervous that I couldn’t play the piano or sing freely as usual. I was told that I looked like an old woman with a towel on my shoulders. I was really happy that he sang the song. He said that he didn’t want to go to “karaoke” unless he was very patient, so I was happy that he opened up to me. Have you seen the “Yesman” movie. When I was with Sato, I was so nervous that I couldn’t even watch a movie. I was stiff because I didn’t know how to flirt naturally. Sato was nervous because he heard someone at home. I thought I was going to help her relax, but all I could say was that it was okay. I like sitting with a back hug. I ate a baked potato. Sato saw me while I was eating. I was embarrassed because I was too uncool to stuff my cheeks with sweet potatoes. I went to Sannomiya with Sato because he was going to visit my friend after he left. We got bitten by an insect while waiting for the bus.