Case1 of love affair using date app

We were to meet earlier than usual because we would go to Kyoto and Sato overslept. I’m a tardy person, so I felt relieved. I would have hated if he kept being late, but I wondered if he was taking it easy on me.

The train was already crowded. I did a riddle that my student last week did for me. I enjoyed it surprisingly because some of them were difficult even though they were books for children. It was still crowded when we arrived at Arashiyama. We had a sweet potato. We crossed the Togetsu Bridge very slowly because of being crowded. Arashiyama was not as beautiful as I had expected. The Katsura River is very calm and wide, which makes me feel at ease. If it were warmer, I would like to go to the Kamo River and watch it forever.

We saw the garden at Tenryuji Temple. I saw gardenia buds or fruits for the first time. We said “What is this?” A passerby taught us. Sato said that the leaves were beautiful in the color of reddish brown. I prefer yellowish leaves and greenish leaves. We looked around many times.

We also went to the bamboo path. I prefer to hold hands with my arms crossed because we are closer, but Sato prefers to hold hands.

After that we decided to go to a karaoke place because Sato’s house was not cleaned up yet. We bought lunch at a convenience store and brought it to the karaoke. I felt like a student. Sato listens to me sing. I was happy, but a little embarrassed. It was so much fun.

Listening to other people sing all the time is fun at first, but then it gets tiring.

I’m glad he said let’s hang out on the 23rd. I’m so sad that my neck hurts(because of stress from work) so much that I can’t even fall on his knees. 

I think it’s okay to make moderate money and live happily, so I worked hard to get a teaching job, but I don’t want to be stuck in the teaching profession. If I really don’t like it, I can always escape. I think Sato and I have different views on work. I think we’ll have a fight someday.