9.Sato’s house

Case1 of love affair using date app

I was super excited but nervous. I thought Sato was more nervous. A foreign object in the place where he lives is coming in. We played the game together. I was tired because I was not used to it. “Pokemon snap”(the game to take a picture of pokemons) was too cute and healed. Once I tried it myself, it didn’t go in my own way, and I thought it was amazing how Sato was skilled in. Sato was strong. Sato was smart, so I let him wait for a long time. No matter what I do, I think he was annoyed because I was slow. But it was grateful that he take it easy and do it.

We ate the snack that seems to be accompanied by Sato’s “mentaiko cheese monjaga”overtime, lol, it was delicious. Also, he seems to like “coolish”(ice cream).

I was told I was young. I knew I couldn’t be the beautiful type that Sato liked. I was happy that he told me a lot that he like me and that I was cute. I was told that I absolutely disliked customs for women. I can’t imagine how you would feel if I was told that. But I have no right to tell you not to go… It seems that they go there once a year. I don’t think I’ll go when she’s around. you’re doing it right

The more I’m with you, the more I like you. It’s probably the opposite for men. He gave me a kiss mark at the end. Please stay until next week. Good luck with my work.Also, he was using Botanist’s shampoo(my shampoo). Too cute.